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Many children and even do not have an in-person social circle that they interact with regularly. Especially in this age of social media, online friendship has easily surpassed face-to-face. In addition to that, it seems as though the term neighbors is fading away as less people connect with the folks that live near them.

We want to help you change that by joining a community of adventurers. If you live in the Asheville and Western North Carolina area, then you are invited to join us. And even if you do not live here, you may want to join one of our travel trips to the beach or to the big city. Also, we are putting together a guide on how you can build a group of like minded individuals in your local community.

We invite you to join us, open your inner circle a little, and meet people who want to enhance the lives of their children as well as their own.

We offer experiences for...

Day Camping

Looking for fun, exciting and challenging outdoor adventure activities? Look no further than the Gigi & Daddy groups! You can experience unforgettable outdoor activities, scale heights, paddle the river and explore underground.

Fun Trips

Fun, challenging and rewarding trips. A great way to grow and bring a team together, to help build working relationships. When you go on a trip with us you will have access to multiple activities and experiences.

Team Days

Teaching our children to work as a team, by both reaching out and building community is important for mental and social growth. We have several activities each year that will be a part of planting and giving back to society.


Celebrations are always fun, or at least they should be. Once your child is familiar with the other kids that they have been going on adventures with, the parties will be more and merrier.

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