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We are primarily a Daddy/Daughter adventure team, but we have other family members who sometimes join us. We love to do adventures, whether locally or during our travels, and then take photos and videos of the experience.

If you have a venue, activity, or experience tailored toward children, you can invite Gigi & Daddy to come and check it out. You would host us and we would create a video experience out of it.

We usually work off of in-kind donations such as free admission, lodging, and swag; but we also offer other services that you could pay us to implement.

We have just started developing our local adventure groups so all you would have to do in contact us with you name, phone, email, number of children, and their ages. We will then soon be in touch with a formal application and then again once we schedule our next event.

We are team minded and we love to include others in the planning and implementation of our adventures. We want to make each of these events amazing, and your help would definitely be appreciated.

Applying to be a family or group member is free. For the most part, you are just paying the cost for your family to attend an event, go camping, visit an amusement park, eating, lodging, etc. If the team is doing extra work above and beyond a normal group activity, we will make you aware of any associated costs ahead of time.

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