Family Adventure Team

Gigi and Daddy are a Daughter & Father team that goes on adventures. Whether it is a local fun spot, a road trip over the weekend, or even a full week when we have some extra vacation time. We love to have fun and the outdoors is our primary focus. Join us by following our videos, blog posts, and social media accounts. You can also join us in person when you are in the Asheville area by checking to see if we are going on any adventures during your visit.

We also have a dog named Luke AKA Lukedog, Lukedogwalker, Lucas, Luku, Babyboy. Also I have older brothers named Gary Jr, Greg, Gabriel, Joseph, Josiah; and also sisters Eve and Brooklyn. I also have a few cousins named Madonna, Melissa and Samantha. Melissa had a baby 2 years ago and named him Elijah. Also my oldest sister Eve had a baby a year ago and named him Atlas. So I am now an Aunt.

Our Adventures

When you go on an adventure with us, it is an experience!

Life is full of experiences. We want to make a bunch of great ones happen for you and your family!

Questions are asked and answers are given. We want to make each experience as educational as possible.

Learning to communicate and build relationships during our experiences is very important.

On our group adventures, whether it is 2 or 20, you learn how to be a part of a team.

Knowing that we are a part of not only a local community, but part of a worldwide movement to enhance our lives and the lives of others.

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