Family is the focus – adventuring together as a team

Family is the focus of everything we do. We want you to build a good relationship with your own children, and for them to build relations with other kids in the group. At the same time, parents will make contact and connections with other parents.

Our model is not your traditional “drop your kid off and go” program. All of our activities include the children as well as parents. Whether you are a single parent family, a two parent family, a blended family, or one of the many other dynamics; we want to make sure that your unit is working together in adventures, education, and relationship building.

We know that families have odd work schedules and sometimes you will be able to make our events and adventures, and sometimes you won’t. We understand that and want you to know that you can still join our groups when your schedule allows.

We offer experiences for...


When we go camping as a group, it is usually one tent, campsite, or cabin per family. We plan things ahead as to what we are doing together such as fishing, hiking, swimming, and sometimes meals.

Fun Trips

Taking a trip with your parents and friends is an experience that many do not have the luxury of nowadays. Once we have a trip in mind, we will reach out to the parents and kids in our group to start the planning.

Team Days

Team activities will not only help in socially educating your children, but it will also boost their confidence tremendously. Whether we are building a bonfire or cleaning up a local park together; your child we begin to understand the meaning of teamwork.


Family celebrations are sometimes not that easy to come by. Some of us have family scattered around the country or world. And others may not have an immediate family. Our group celebrations brings a sort of new family and friends perspective to life.

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