Camping in Brevard NC

Gigi & Daddy got to go on our first camping trip for 2022. When we got to the campsite, there was this giant fire pit with these comfortable wood seats on each side.

Camping comes with some challenges, but this spot had a custom built outhouse on the property!

And… there was an outdoor kitchen and dining area for us to use. So we weren’t really roughing it, at least not yet.

We set up this Alps Mountaineering tent in just 4 minutes! The sun started going down, we cooked, ate, danced, and had so much fun. Then it was time to go to sleep as we had several other adventures planned for the next morning. Let me tell you, despite using my Nana’s Coleman sleeping bag, it was FREEZING; but we survived. I guess the weather was the “roughing it” part. We were so excited for Spring but Mother Nature obviously wasn’t lol. We made a great experience out of it like we always do. Thank you!

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Photos and editing by Gigi!